I'm a travel, documentary and corporate photographer/filmmaker.

Photography is helping me to see the beauty that resides in every moment. In that way it brings me closer to the reality.
I see my camera as a powerful tool to tell inspiring stories, to show the contrast in our society and to give a voice to those that are persecuted or neglected.
I believe in the power of images to touch the heart of people and to bring them hope and joy by showing how beautiful this world is.

Feel free to contact me to exchange about photography/filmmaking or to submit a project you would like to discuss.

+41 76 778 93 94

Worldwide availability

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October 2020 : "The Noble Sikhs" fine art photography exhibited at the Humanit'Art Gallery - Geneva - Switzerland.

September 2019: "Life Hacking" nominated at the Zurich Film Festival (short-film competition) - Zurich - Switzerland.

June 2018: "SPC Photo Award Zurich", Photobastei - Zurich - Switzerland.

March 2018: "SPC Photo Award Geneva", Gallery La Cave - Geneva - Switzerland.

Dec. 2017: "Change ton Regard", Casino de Montbenon - Lausanne - Switzerland.

Oct. 2017:
"Viva la Révol'Union", La Casona Latina - Lausanne - Switzerland.

Nov. 2016: "Para Mi", The Chocolate Revolution House - Zurich - Switzerland.

July 2015: "Summer Love", Galerie du Colombier - Paris - France.

May 2015: "Fair Pride", Place de la République - Paris - France.

Sept. 2014: "Adivassi", L'arbre à lettres - Paris - France.

Nov. 2012: "L'entrepreneur et l'indigné : 100 portraits pour changer le monde", Saint-Fiacre - Paris - France


France 3 Aquitaine, Altermondes, Happinez, Paulette, BioAddict, Globe Trotter magazine, "Coup de foudre et coup de fourchette" (food recipes book). Medium, Triple Pundit.


Alter Eco
Choba Choba - The Chocolate Revolution
Caelo Yoga
Espace Renaissance
Institute of Buddhist Studies

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